Notes about SEO from the past

05/25/07 :: by moquito

Our basic goal is one and only one… IMPROVE THE KEYWORD DENSITY… We want to have our most important keywords to appear 15 times on a page.

We can use the following techniques to do that without getting black listed.

For the discussion, we will take an example of a Printer Business based in Los Angeles named DigiPrint. The key words would be - printer, los angeles, printing service, printing, digital printing etc.

Prioritize all the keywords and decide how many times each one should appear on a page. This helps us formatting the text for the following items.

Keywords in the page head – highest rated – this is very common, we all know, but 2 important things to keep in mind.
- Always all lowercase. Never uppercase.

- Separate by comma and Leave no space after the comma and the next word. As the search engine considers initial 60-80 characters more important, don’t loose in white spaces. (this was pretty weird as I thought the search engines should be at least that intelligent to remove the white space… but looks like not… )

Files/Folders (name separated by underscore) - Instead of simple, Keep the filename and folder name containing keywords.


Result: We increased the keyword density by 2 on each of our most important keywords – printer services, los angeles

Page title - Keep the page title meaningful, but long and containing keywords
OLD: DigiPrint – serving your printing needs

NEW: DigiPrint – serving your digital printing needs in los angeles and southern California (or may be another important city name)

Result – we added digital printing, los angeles, southern california

H1 & H2 - Text inside H1 and H2 are weighed more than the regular text.
Use H1 & H2 tags freely where a key word appears. Make it appropriate size using CSS. That way the looks does not change but we gain on the density.

Links – Text inside the TITLE properties shows up as a tooltip upon mouseover, so the search engine takes it into consideration, and hence can be used to gain the density.
OLD: help

NEW: help

Result – we added print services, los angeles 2 times.

Images – Image filename, ALT is considered by the search engines.
OLD: ”

NEW: ”Digiprint

Result – we added digiprint, los angeles 3 times and printer 2 times.

FAQ – This is a page that can be completely controlled by the writer.
Always have this page on you site. And answer the FAQs in keyword heavy manner. This may look odd. So answer the basic question at the top. And then ask/answer them again with keyword heavy sentences. It won’t matter to the user. But the page will get ranked high.

Result – we added all the important keywords for about 15 times.

Update Content – update your content and submit your site.
Update your content frequently.

One of the ways is to have RSS feed on the page. Convert the dynamic feed to static htmls. Link to these html pages. And update these html pages through a cron job. So we actually have free and fresh html content that will be indexed and we don’t sweat at all for the update.

I also learned that Javascript/AJAX based dynamic content is a big big no no. Google and Yahoo strip off the javascript and css tags.

We should talk about this with our SEO guy and set up standards for naming folders, files, images, links and see if there is more that we can do while programming. It is much efficient to implement these strategies while building a new site from scratch.

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