crafty paper flowers = welcome break from digital life

09/04/08 :: by stina

I love the computer (and especially the internet), don’t get me wrong. but I have a dear little spot in my heart for things made from (what appears to be) paper and glue and scissors. Esp when I haven’t had time away from the computer in a really long time.

Zoe Bradley apparently has the best job in the whole world that allows her to create amazing installations of flowers and paper dresses.

Sooooo cool. But her site could be more perfect… Maybe she wants us to redesign? Zoe, call us!

via design*sponge

2 Responses to “crafty paper flowers = welcome break from digital life”

  1. pwang Says:

    woah, nice dress

  2. Marco Says:

    Looks nice.. they must have been lucky there was no wind..

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