09/03/08 :: by magalish

Have you ever thought you’d found the perfect parking spot, only to realize you won’t fit because of some asshole parked next to it? Of course you have—we’ve all been there. Well, now you can give the driver a piece of your mind.

This fun little website lets you print notices that can be customized fit the situation by choosing from a list of common parking offenses. But the journey doesn’t end there—when offenders receive a notice, they can visit the site and get some useful tips, complete with nifty diagrams, to help them park less like assholes in the future!

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  1. Patrick Says:

    These could be put to good use in our very own parking lot.

  2. Marco Says:

    You mean you need the website to get tips, or you want to hand out some stickers? :P!

  3. monika Says:

    I think this one is hilarious too.

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