Watch the Road

09/02/08 :: by Patrick

The Watch the Road campaign is meant to promote safe driving on the streets of Los Angeles. However, it nearly did the exact opposite for me as I looked up to read the sign while barreling down Fairfax on the way to the Grove to meet friends. Seems I didn’t notice traffic had inexplicably and abruptly come to a grinding halt.

I would have taken a photo, but a) I was a tad distracted and b) as you no doubt are aware, using cell phones while driving is now frowned upon in Los Angeles. So far as I can tell, I am still allowed to eat and read while driving, so I am going to be sure to continue exercising my rights as a motorist.

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  1. Marco Says:

    That’s so stupid, I have had it myself.. your driving and then reading like a sign watching it and get distracted for a while from the road..

    I have heard (i can’t find it now) that they are creating add’s on the road now. So when your at a red sign, a screen will appear in front of you displaying the ad. Then when the light turns green you can jsut drive on..

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