How design can save democracy

08/25/08 :: by brocksteady

How design can save democracy is an excellent (yet still flawed in my opinion) demonstration of better ballot design created for the New York Times by AIGA’s Ric GrefĂ© and Jessica Friedman Hewitt.

It’s amazing that after encountering countless issues with voting ballots, even the most basic design fundamentals (like oh, say “clear page design”) still aren’t in the vocabulary of our government officials. The US is full of communication experts and graphic designers who would be more than happy to resolve the problem, yet no one seems able to cut through the politics to address this as a non-partisan design issue.

Somehow, clear communication was addressed for nutrition labels, so why not ballots? It’s not rocket science.

3 Responses to “How design can save democracy”

  1. pwang Says:

    Design put to good use! The comparison is definitely effective. Somehow, I’m a bit put off by their use of Flash for this, instead of just plain HTML and some Javascript.

  2. brocksteady Says:

    I know right! They ironically couldn’t have done a worse job of comparing the before and after.

  3. allismarkham Says:

    Wow… I was just going to comment about the before and after… how obvious is that?! ha ha ha

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