Brand Recognition?

08/25/08 :: by Patrick

Foxworthy's Finest

While vacationing last week, I ran across this culinary oddity while shopping at a vegetable stand somewhere along California’s central coast. Foxworthy, a noted hunting enthusiast, has apparently branched out from agonizingly quipping game show host and comedian to full fledged meat purveyor.

Alas, I did not purchase the otherworldly meat; I just wasn’t in the mood for jerky right then. I sure could go for some now though…

2 Responses to “Brand Recognition?”

  1. pwang Says:

    The bag looks very big in the photo, and the packaging (type treatment) looks decent enough. Sold!

  2. allismarkham Says:

    At first I was hoping this was a stolen picture and not an actual endorsement by Mr. Foxworthy…. THEN i remembered it was Jeff @#$%ing Foxworthy. Of course he’d like his mug all over a bag of meat for consumption at NASCAR events.

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