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Webby Nominee

06/09/09 :: by brocksteady


Hey kids…one of our sites — TripKick.com — was nominated this year for a Webby. Check it out! Super useful tool for power-travelers.

Safari 4 Beta

02/24/09 :: by Patrick

For those of you who are Apple fans and like to use Safari (I’m still a FireFox man, thank YOU very much), you can download the public beta of Safari 4. Ajaxian has a nice write up of the improvements to the engine. Can you say CSS effects?

Use Social Media to market for free

02/16/09 :: by moquito

During this recession it’s more important than ever to get whatever you can for free. At Fluidesign, we have recently started offering a service called Online Reputation Management. We become your company’s eyes and ears online, monitoring all social media channels for chatter – good or bad – about your brand. We then proactively address issues and give you a bird’s eye view of customer sentiment. We also create an online presence for you to use when blasting our product announcements and press releases.

But, if you can’t afford an agency like Fluidesign, here’s a do-it-yourself guide to manage your brand and get free marketing through social media.

1. Get online identities. This may sound obvious, but I’m constantly amazed at how many companies aren’t yet embracing social media. Sign up for Twitter. Get a Facebook Group going. Create a company page on LinkedIn. Depending on your industry, get a MySpace page. There are also countless industry-specific online identities.

2. Create a blog. Wordpress is quick, easy, and free (we can help you with customization if necessary). Publish content often (quality over quantity, however) to gain an audience.

3. Link the identities together. Install the Twitter App on Facebook so updating your Twitter status automatically updates your Facebook one.

4. Encourage key employees to set up their own Twitter accounts and link them to their own Facebook statuses.

5. Sign up for Twitterfeed and link your blog(s) to it. Encourage key employees to do the same. Then, when anyone posts a new blog entry, this service automatically updates the associated Twitter accounts, and if the Twitter accounts are linked to Facebook, those Facebook statuses get updated automatically. Done right, your message gets blasted to thousands (or tens of thousands) instantly.

6. Use Twitter’s search to routinely monitor what people are saying about your company and your products/services.

7. Be responsive – if your customers/fans take the time to write something about your brand, take the time to respond. The more responsive you are – even with negative issues – the higher your company’s reputation will be. Studies show that when customers have a problem if they get a response from the company quickly they actually become more satisfied with the brand than if they had never had an issue to begin with.

The above tips represent a crash course in online reputation management and using social media to blast out blog posts, press releases, product announcements, and really anything your company has to say. Remember, in order to stay relevant, you need to push content out often, and respond quickly to what others are talking about. Do it right, and your social media presence will quickly become more relevant with greater ROI than anything offline.

Obama’s Social Media Advantage

11/06/08 :: by brocksteady

Here’s an interesting article outlining not only the role the internet played in the 2008 U.S. election cycle, but the clear advantage Obama had in using technology to connect to his audience.

New Tools

11/05/08 :: by pwang

Working all day on the computer, I am constantly looking for new shortcuts and improvements to my process. Here are two new tools I am and will be using for a while.

1. TabGroups+ - this Firefox extension adds another layer of organization to standard tabs, potentially allowing a single Firefox window to have hundreds of tabs, provided you have enough free system resources. Since whatever I work on usually takes a few tabs each, this means I can better organize all my browser instances into one window, for better or worse. Note that you can set Firefox to start with previously open tabs, preventing you from losing your tabs session after a crash. Also note this extension is experimental, so you’ll need to register for an account on Mozilla.

2. Dropbox - follows the current web trend and is a free online web service that stores your files on the cloud. You can download their cross-platform desktop app to as many computers as desired. When the app is running, it syncs whatever is in your special Dropbox folder on that computer with your Dropbox webspace. If you’re working on many computers throughout the week like I am, the few minutes of setup time is definitely worth it. Even more, Dropbox allows you to share folders with other users like your friends.

What really sold me with both tools is the easy of use and the general lack of configuration and feature creep. They do a couple things, but they do them really well, and it doesn’t take a tech wizard to use them.

Hello W3 Awards!

10/17/08 :: by hdunce

Breaking news: Fluidesign won 5 silver W3 awards!

W3 winner

We won 4 silver awards for the following categories for TripKick.com:

Best Structure/Navigation

And we also won the How To/Instructional Video silver award for Coupon Chief’s Video. Yay!

If you want even more news (and some life tips as well), check this!


10/13/08 :: by pwang

I suspect a lot of developers will be using this. It is really the best programming faq site I’ve seen, a mix between blog, wiki, forum, and digg.

Stack Overflow

how well do you know your website logos?

10/08/08 :: by magalish

I came across this fun little quiz via design:related yesterday. I was surprised to find out that I only recognized a few of the logos. I would’ve thought I’d do better, considering that I spend a good amount of time online and that I usually pay attention to brand identities…anyway, check it out—maybe you’ll have greater success than I did!

We saw it coming

09/24/08 :: by pwang

new logo

In case you’ve been under a rock this week, the new Adobe CS4 was announced. CS3 didn’t seem too long ago, but the new Creative Suite is suppose to be shiny and awesome. I just find it interesting that this awesome image-resizing technology we posted about months ago will now come with the new PhotoShop. I can barely begin to imagine what people will do with this technology. Oh, and I put their new logo up there just for kicks, courtesy of BrandNew.

Revisualizing Data

09/18/08 :: by pwang

When it comes to unique infographics, Ben Fry practically wrote the book. I think a lot of his work is practical enough to be integrated into large sites and enrich functionality. Even though his work is done in Processing, recreating it in Flash or Javascript is getting easier.

Here are some samples.



(for this one, you’ll need the Java web applet)

For more go to his site.