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Burton + Fudge

11/03/08 :: by brocksteady

My friend Travis Millard just finished an extensive collaboration with Burton for their 2009 product line. They took a playful and bold illustrative approach to their packaging and hang tags, which contrasts well with the techy graphics. Look for some of Travis’ brilliant illustrated details on Burton’s site as well.

how well do you know your website logos?

10/08/08 :: by magalish

I came across this fun little quiz via design:related yesterday. I was surprised to find out that I only recognized a few of the logos. I would’ve thought I’d do better, considering that I spend a good amount of time online and that I usually pay attention to brand identities…anyway, check it out—maybe you’ll have greater success than I did!

We saw it coming

09/24/08 :: by pwang

new logo

In case you’ve been under a rock this week, the new Adobe CS4 was announced. CS3 didn’t seem too long ago, but the new Creative Suite is suppose to be shiny and awesome. I just find it interesting that this awesome image-resizing technology we posted about months ago will now come with the new PhotoShop. I can barely begin to imagine what people will do with this technology. Oh, and I put their new logo up there just for kicks, courtesy of BrandNew.

Brand Recognition?

08/25/08 :: by Patrick

Foxworthy's Finest

While vacationing last week, I ran across this culinary oddity while shopping at a vegetable stand somewhere along California’s central coast. Foxworthy, a noted hunting enthusiast, has apparently branched out from agonizingly quipping game show host and comedian to full fledged meat purveyor.

Alas, I did not purchase the otherworldly meat; I just wasn’t in the mood for jerky right then. I sure could go for some now though…

silver screen

07/31/08 :: by demanda

Fluid is making its debut on the big screen, with its (April ‘07) logo redesign for QED, an independent film company representing theatrical motion picture projects for sales and distribution. They are the big bucks behind the new controversial film, “W”, about George W. Bush, directed by Oliver Stone.

While QED ended up going with a slightly botoxed version of their previous mark in the end, we were still glad we got to help inject it. Here is the trailer for the film.