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Holidaze Photobooth Party Pix

12/19/08 :: by brocksteady

Yo! Thanks to everyone who came out to our holiday party! Here’s a t-lapse cut of the photobooth hijinx. Sorry for the low-quality — we’ll post the hi-res photos to flickr soon for your downloading pleasure. Good times!

Fluidesign Holidaze 2008 from Brock Batten on Vimeo.

Art and Design at Outside Lands

08/27/08 :: by magalish

[sigh]…Back to the real world for me as I return from a long weekend in San Francisco at the Outside Lands music festival.

Of course, my main reason for the trip was the music – which was amazing, by the way (Radiohead, Wilco, Jack Johnson, Bon Iver…need I say more?) But as a designer, I can’t help but notice the visual aspects of my surroundings. There was certainly no shortage of visual stimuli at the festival to go along with the great music. So I thought I’d share some of my pictures here.

the olympic torch… and it’s varied glory

08/15/08 :: by stina

Now I may be in the minority here, but I have always assumed they used the same torch for every Olympics. It kind of makes sense, right? Like the treasured heirloom that ties the games together? Kay, so, no. I was wrong. (For more on childhood delusions proved wrong mid-life, see this EXCELLENT episode of This American Life. Seriously, mine could have been worse.)

Anyway, as it turns out, a new torch IS in fact created for each games. And they are super neat and often match the logo. I do love a good line up of similar but varied items.

The NY Times has created a nifty little game where in you can see many torches with their corresponding logos. Check it.

Meet Mark, an Official 2008 Olympic Artist

08/08/08 :: by magalish

As the 2008 Summer Olympics kick off in Beijing and we prepare to be bombarded by media surrounding the events, art may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But of course, as with any major event, there is a need for promotional materials. As it turns out, there official artists selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee that are responsible for creating these materials. Meet Mark T. Smith, a talented artist who works in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. He was commissioned to create an image for the 2008 Olympics, along with a series of related posters and other promotional materials.

In his interview with Steven Heller, Smith tells us what it’s like to create art for the Olympics.

awesome exhibition

08/04/08 :: by monika

I’ve been there on Saturday and I really enjoyed it. Check it out…

This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in L.A. Photographs
June 14, 2008 – Sept. 15, 2008
Library West Hall and Boone Gallery

“Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles does not defy description so much as provoke it. Literary representations of an “earthly paradise,” a “city of dreadful joy” and, more recently, a “city of quartz” are among the best known in a seemingly endless stream of identifiers. Over the past 150 years, potent relationships between glamour and catastrophe, sunshine and noir, have fascinated photographers trying to explain an elusive Los Angeles…” more information

This goes out to all you companies

05/04/08 :: by hdunce


Twitter has been awesome for companies seeking to know what their customers are saying about them. If you’re a company and you’re using tweetscan or summarize, great. Here is what you should do next.

So, Fred Wilson organized Lyrics of the Day (@lotd) on twitter. Twitters can post a short lyric that they think everyone will enjoy and direct it to @lotd. All that are following @lotd will see all lyrics posted to @lotd. This is both entertaining and smart.

You can apply this concept to events, conferences, new album releases, product launches, comments from your blog, whatever. If your audience is on twitter and is talking about your stuff, do your community a favor and streamline the communication by organizing the topic at hand and thus facilitating more talk.

Angela Adams @DWR

03/27/08 :: by hdunce


An evening with designer Angela Adams
Friday, April 4, 6–8pm at the Santa Monica DWR less than a block away from us!

RSVP to santamonica@dwr.com by April 1.