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Why rich media is web’s future

12/05/08 :: by moquito

Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island, is an amazing place to rent. Let’s face it - a private island in the British Virgin Islands with its year round perfect weather and cloudless skies - is hard not to be amazing. I can imagine simply taking some photos and putting them online in a simple slide show - the pictures would do all of the work.

Necker took it a step further, and created a 4 minute video giving the user a taste of what it feels like to be on the Island - starting with getting up in the morning, having breakfast, lying on the beach, arriving in a speedboat, relaxing on the beach by candlelight. I have to say that it’s one of the best produced experiences I’ve seen in a while, and makes an amazing place look heavenly.

I think 2009 will be the year that we start rethinking the best bang for the buck online. If you’re selling an experience, a solid video surrounded by a clean site is all you need to blow your competition away. Design firms should stop just thinking 2D and start producing rich media experiences whenever possible to really grab visitors. We’re already pushing rich media whenever possible, and are going to ramp up this effort next year. Until then, I’ll see you on Necker

Camera lust

11/14/08 :: by brocksteady

I’m taking deep breaths right now. First, Canon announced the game-changing 5d Mark II, and now RED just went official with its modular DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) System. I won’t dive too far into the mouth watering details, but shooting video at 261 megapixels with a 6×17cm sensor is nothing to gloss over. Should be a good xmas this year ;-)

Hello W3 Awards!

10/17/08 :: by hdunce

Breaking news: Fluidesign won 5 silver W3 awards!

W3 winner

We won 4 silver awards for the following categories for TripKick.com:

Best Structure/Navigation

And we also won the How To/Instructional Video silver award for Coupon Chief’s Video. Yay!

If you want even more news (and some life tips as well), check this!

Best. Remix. Ever.

09/17/08 :: by brocksteady


not to be confused with ringling.com

08/05/08 :: by magalish

Being a recent graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, I of course have to mention the long-awaited launch of the school’s new website. The complete re-design was done by two of my classmates as a project in the design center, the school’s in-house design studio.

In my opinion (totally unbiased, of course) the new site is pretty amazing. One of the new features that’s particularly impressive is the video section. Here, students give viewers a glimpse into their creative minds by sharing their personal sketchbooks and studio spaces, all while talking candidly about their experiences at Ringling.

Dynamic Information

07/31/08 :: by pwang

If facebook had only made a movie like this one, my previous post would have been much easier to write. While a great design is suppose to be transparent, my confusion with the redesign of the simplest website (next to our own) delicious.com (bah, the old url was cooler) makes me feel today’s user has no patience to figure everything out on their own. I definitely see the value in editing screen captures and animating layouts to show the features of a site. The time spent seems to be a good trade for increased usability. Too bad delicious didn’t make this video the most accessible thing on the site. As a sidenote, Flickr video may become an interesting platform for pecha-kucha-like content.

If you want more snazziness than simplicity, check out the videos from Good magazine. This one I particularly like. The music is well integrated, and the animations illustrate the rather exhausted information in a refreshing way.

I’m not suggesting this is the future of distributing information. I’d still prefer a wiki. But if it’s something that you want to share with many folks, then why not make it a fun and exciting experience as well.

Old vs New or Good vs Evil or Communication vs Pollution… etc…

07/31/08 :: by admin

The video title is “why america is fucked”. I don’t geographically agree because the issue is not only american, alas. In France (for example), I can’t stand those ads using Comic Sans. No, really. The solution is obviously not to use Helvetica of course (btw, watch the movie), but please think about the future vintage !! Will we have to send a terminator to erase Vincent Connare’s mother ?

Big Ideas (don’t get any)

07/28/08 :: by admin

Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

I rediscovered (even if it’s not that old) this impressive video, made by James Houston.

Beautiful Losers movie

07/28/08 :: by admin

Beautiful Losers film trailer
from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

This is just the trailer and I didn’t see the movie yet… but I’m quite sure it must be obviously interesting.

Especially after I’ve seen their exhibition 2 years ago in the north of France and after I’ve seen Geoff McFetridge exhibition at the Red Cat a few months ago.

The Process

07/18/08 :: by brocksteady

No comment. ;-)