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Hype for Type

06/15/09 :: by brocksteady


Inspiring and truly original fonts from Hype For Type.

Image Spark

02/11/09 :: by brocksteady


Image Spark is a nice little web app that let’s you upload and create a library of images that inspire you, and also allows you to share them with the web community. It’s a fairly slick solution for a problem that pretty much every designer has: how to best organize your visual research.

PhotoShop Color Solution

10/16/08 :: by pwang

I never knew about ‘convert to sRGB’ until reading this helpful walkthrough. Designers and CSS writers rejoice!

via Viget Inspire.


08/11/08 :: by brocksteady

Color is the ultimate tool a designer has at his or her disposal to communicate feeling and mood. Cymbolism is a new website that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.

Brand Tags: A collective experiment in brand perception.

05/15/08 :: by brocksteady

Brand Tags is a site playing off the idea that whatever it is people say a brand is, is what it is. All tags are generated by people like you, so have at it.

For example, here’s what people are saying about Nike.

The Spencerian Method

03/05/08 :: by demanda


Been looking to brush up on your calligraphic skills or need a monogram for your bath towel set? Check out this amazing resource. Books with every kind of calligraphy, lettering, and Spencerian script at your fingertips. yum.

Palettes, get your palettes here!

02/26/08 :: by stina


I love discovering automated design helpers on our BFF, the internet. Who doesn’t appreciate Stripe Generator and it’s quirky cousin, Tartan Maker? Here’s another to add to the list: Palette Generator! This might be the greatest thing since Vector Magic. Just upload a photo (or presumably any graphic file that inspires you) and in like 2 seconds you have a palette complete with hex values and inventive color names. Talk about voila!

It’s like the Joshua Davis trick, but automated (and less customizable). Of course, it’s not always the palette you are imagining, but it’s a nice start. Could come in handy if you’re considering dressing in palettes.

Vector Magic

11/15/07 :: by brocksteady

This is a great resource for converting bitmaps to vectors.

GOE: New Pantone Matching System

10/02/07 :: by brocksteady



GOE is the new colour system launced by the PANTONE ®, available from the 1st October.

“With more than 2,000 new PANTONE Colors, the PANTONE Goe System is designed to inspire creativity and fulfill the requirements of a fast-changing, technologically advancing industry. PANTONE Goe is more than a single product with exciting new colors; the System includes modern tools and interactive software to drive collaboration and improve versatility in an increasingly global, multimedia environment.”

CSS Type

09/13/07 :: by brocksteady

This is a nice resource (in case you missed it the first time).