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Dear music industry and fans, i have another tip for you.

06/14/08 :: by hdunce

Blip, dubbed “twitter for music”, has been up for about a month or so and last week I finally had a chance to check it out. So, this is how it works.

Let’s say you are listening to a song and you want to share it, you go to blip, and if you integrated last.fm, you’ll see that song already listed in the “What are you listening to?” field. Then all you have to do is “blip” (post) it with a comment.

Like twitter, you can direct the post at someone, and because they allow twitter integration, you can direct it at someone on twitter as well, and your blip gets posted there too. On blip, all your music posts gets organized into an ongoing playlist. And like muxtape, the interface is awesome, as you can use you arrow controls to navigate through the list. And again, like Twitter, people follow your ongoing playlist (feed) and can see your new blips on their homepage where all of their follow’s blips live into a combined playlist.

Here’s a screenshot:

Now check out this music industry predication graph by Enders Analysis:

Via Heavy Bag Media

My prediction is that if people start using blip, you’ll see a higher “listen-to-buy ratio” because 1) as a user, you’re getting very qualified music recommendations without having to do any active work, as your friend’s blips automatically are added to your home page 2) blip makes it really easy to buy; each song has a “buy” link to amazon.

This is different than lastfm.com where you have to literally, consciously, decide on which friend’s music to review, go to that page, read through what they have been listening to lately (not songs they especially like), and possibly listen to it. With imeem.com you have to do the same, but it’s a little better because you can check out their playlists, which is obviously songs they like. And with ilike.com, it’s pretty annoying because if a friend does send you a song they like, in most cases the full song is not available to listen to, and you come to a dead end because we’re all too busy to go to another music service, try to find the full song, and then maybe or maybe not buy it.

So here’s my tip to the music industry, specifically to record labels. Go create an account now, and promote it a bit, and have fans follow your feed of all of your musician’s new music. Then come back and tell us what your “listen-to-buy” ratio is compared to all the other music social networks. :) Seriously, as mentioned in a previous post, I’d really like to see the music industry start making money again.

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Numeric Arts gives Life to Painting

05/19/08 :: by Cédric

Even if I’m a developer, I like art. Particularly Pop Art, Surrealism, and impossible structure from M. C. Escher.

These paintings are great. But for us, living behind a computer screen, we’d like to see animation and arts in many different ways.

This morning I discovered 3 videos that I’d like to share with you.

First, a 3D exploration of Guernica, Picasso’s painting:

Then, a short film animating a character from Guernica in other artists’ paintings:

Finally, maybe not the most artistic but the funniest:

I like to see these types of videos where old art takes life on screen.

Twitter + a little organization =

02/24/08 :: by hdunce


Not sure if you guys saw this, but during the superbowl, there was an organized twitterfest, where people tweet about the superbowl ads while they watch the game. You can then go to one page and see all the comments coming in at real time, and if you want, reply to people’s comments. The results became really great data for the advertising firms. See here for the results.

Now another twitterfest is organized for the Oscars. See here for comments and if you are reading this right now and tweet, comment “#aa08″within your tweet.

P.S. I find this type of global real time interaction quite revolutionary.

More microblogging for me!

02/21/08 :: by hdunce


I agree with Imran Zaidi, “producing content should be an active process and assembling an audience should be effortless” and “pull the blogger down from the stage and into the crowd. When you flatten the relationship between posts and comments, commenters become publishers in their own right, and content becomes less lonely” and “design isn’t everything, but it’s pretty close”

Imran launced streem which was posted on mashable today. Love the conversation format. Wondering if I signed up? I did.

P.S. I really like “Universe”. Netvibes is using that term now too.