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Agent Provocateur

06/20/08 :: by demanda

I love when a brands are immersive and astounding, making the viewer/consumer/user want to be a part of it, live it, spend time with it, be it. That is what the UK-based brand Agent Provocateur is all about. Buy into their lifestyle and you will no doubt, be oozing sex appeal in no time.

Their store and website have been a favourite of mine for a long time. They are known for their high-end lingerie, made famous by controversial advertisements, racy window displays, pushing sexual innuendos, making men want to loosen their collars and older British women fume with fury over the AP store window they pass on the way to have their afternoon tea.

Their brand is one of the most cohesive and well-orchestrated I’ve ever experienced…from their store experience (sales women in fitted short pink lab coats sauntering about in their fishnet stockings and stilettos) to their online presence (photographs of women wearing AP lingerie, encouraging viewers to fantasize they are voyeurs in an erotic cult club in paradise).

Take a visit on their new site and play the peeping-Tom game. To drive sales and word-of-mouth, they also created a smart ‘cloakroom’ feature allowing users to drag items off the models and store them for purchase, while any part of the party could be captured, downloaded and used to create customized wallpaper.

All of this ruckus has built up quite the talk around town, has kept their brand in the spotlight and attracted massive international media coverage, making them the only truly credible lingerie brand on the fashion map.

Numeric Arts gives Life to Painting

05/19/08 :: by Cédric

Even if I’m a developer, I like art. Particularly Pop Art, Surrealism, and impossible structure from M. C. Escher.

These paintings are great. But for us, living behind a computer screen, we’d like to see animation and arts in many different ways.

This morning I discovered 3 videos that I’d like to share with you.

First, a 3D exploration of Guernica, Picasso’s painting:

Then, a short film animating a character from Guernica in other artists’ paintings:

Finally, maybe not the most artistic but the funniest:

I like to see these types of videos where old art takes life on screen.

I wanna be a beat (this is a hint to UniQlo)

04/21/08 :: by hdunce

If there were a competition between online vrs traditional shopping experiences and sites like this were competing, the online world would win.

Here’s another one to add to demanda’s list, “if this is the future of all online shopping, then I’m gonna go broke.”

So the deal is, each person is wearing a t-shirt, does a little sound and dance, which represents a beat in a sound loop. You can explore the loops or make your own. Very niizzee.

Here’s a couple screen captures…





Try it On

04/18/08 :: by demanda


I ran across this retail fashion site for Holden Outerwear the other day and was intrigued by their video display of apparel. Being an avid online shopper, I thought I had seen it all…until I was instantly transported to a dressing room with a man, watching him try on different beanie caps. I felt that he could somehow see me. Then I kicked it with a girl in the park wearing hip denim pants. After we had a cigarette together, I wanted to purchase the pants she so casually sported. And maybe be her for a day.

If this is the future of all online shopping, then I’m gonna go broke.

Good lessons on eCommerce

01/07/08 :: by moquito


E-Commerce: How to well compare wedding dress?

11/28/07 :: by Cédric

The solution is easy: Use small video for each products.

We can see a great exemple here:


It’s very interessant but maybe cost very much to realize all the video.

Then when you see the product page, you can see the video in a bigger size.

234 70 7554 + e- commerce, let’s all take bets!

05/31/07 :: by hdunce

Looks like the IRS wants to force e-commerce sites to collect Social Security numbers during the checkout process. The proposal is out!

Read more here.

Let’s take bets… who thinks the proposal will pass?