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The Internet Stars Are Viral

11/06/07 :: by Cédric

Cakke published a video which retrace many youtube’stars:

RJD2 Works it Out

07/19/07 :: by brocksteady


06/27/07 :: by brocksteady


Great interface and use of video site wide.

Clean is happy.

Motorokr Z6

05/30/07 :: by brocksteady


Ever wondered how we can incorporate the super rad illustrated stylings of our friends Travis, Mel and Kiel into our websites?

If so, then check out this fun site for the MOTOROKR Z6 phone, done by the Beijing office of Ogilvy along with James Paterson. Oh yeah, it also incorporates some nice 3d renderings of the phone, tight animation, and decent audio.


05/25/07 :: by brocksteady

I know that it’s a cliched trend these days for just about every brand wanting to associate themselves with underground artists, but this project for Nike by WK Interact, the French urban artist based in NYC is kinda tight.

You’ve probably seen his stuff up around the Lower Manhattan. He’s famous for black and white painted murals of skaters, kung-fu masters boxers and mountain climbers, incorporating a unique and often eerie sense of motion.

Wow did you guys see this ?

05/07/07 :: by hdunce

 Great Viral Campaign