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I love predictions! Especially about Twitter.

04/01/08 :: by hdunce

Gary Vaynerchuk is predicting that Facebook will either adjust to make themselves more like Twitter or Twitter will rule out. Watch the whole thing.

Your thoughts?

P.S. I like Viddler.

Visitorville - Amazing Visualization of Data

03/14/08 :: by moquito

I just experienced probably the most incredible visualization of data I have ever seen. Having just returned from SXSW in Austin, and having sat through a fascinating presentation on data visualization by Yahoo!, I was already fascinated by the possibilities. Visitorville is software to help you understand web traffic. More specifically, help you understand how visitors are using your site - where they’re coming from, where they’re going, for how long, and where they’re leaving. None of this is revolutionary, until you see the UI. You actually see people getting dropped off in a Google or Yahoo bus! You then see them walk into different buildings (sections and pages on your site). It really puts your visitors and the data around your site into perspective like I’ve never seen. Congrats to World Market Watch - the company behind this amazing product.

Twitter + a little organization =

02/24/08 :: by hdunce


Not sure if you guys saw this, but during the superbowl, there was an organized twitterfest, where people tweet about the superbowl ads while they watch the game. You can then go to one page and see all the comments coming in at real time, and if you want, reply to people’s comments. The results became really great data for the advertising firms. See here for the results.

Now another twitterfest is organized for the Oscars. See here for comments and if you are reading this right now and tweet, comment “#aa08″within your tweet.

P.S. I find this type of global real time interaction quite revolutionary.

GumGum launches!

02/14/08 :: by brocksteady


Our friends Ophir and Ari from GumGum get a nice review on Techcrunch.

whoa, forget jdate.com

02/05/08 :: by hdunce

this is the craziest site i have ever been to in my whole entire life.


i remember when i went on jdate.com for “testing” reasons and thought it was a little nuts how guys just start iming you to try to hook up, but that was then and this is now. mashable says it is a dating site, but really the technology can be used for any site. basically as soon as you get to a page other people’s comments are literally popping up in real time. i heard major league baseball does this during live games- brock you can test that out. anyway, really interesting site. create a profile, test it out, even if you are married.

p.s. there’s a lot more to the site, so read mashable’s post if you care to know.

Adobe Air

11/16/07 :: by brocksteady


Adobe AIR (formerly known as Apollo) is built on top of three core web technologies (HTML, Flash and PDF) Read about the logo here…

Empire of Sports

10/22/07 :: by Cédric

Empire of Sports is a virtual 3D universe still in beta version.
The presentation teaser looks very great:

Intelligent Image Resizing

10/22/07 :: by Cédric

It’s not a young news, but it’s very interressant. Just see the video:

And now, how we can make that?

Just by using this flash website


08/03/07 :: by brocksteady


This is so so tight. You can listen to your iTunes library on the web. Read more about it here.

9 Ways to Build a Social Network on the cheap

07/25/07 :: by moquito


9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

The news may overflow with stories about the social networking giants, such as Facebook and MySpace, but a horde of companies are doing their best to reduce the fundamental features of these websites to mere commodities. These up-and-coming companies provide so-called “white label” social networking platforms that enable their customers to build their own social networks (often from scratch) and to tailor those networks to a …