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SustainAble Goodness

06/15/09 :: by JayC


Rockport Books and author Aaris Sherin have joined forces to release a guide on sustainable materials and techniques for graphic designers. Being over a decade since the last release of a handbook of this kind, this book is a great resource and example of sustainable implementation : every cover is created from the unused spreads in production. Great effort toward eco-friendly printing and production. Solid work.


Hype for Type

06/15/09 :: by brocksteady


Inspiring and truly original fonts from Hype For Type.

Webby Nominee

06/09/09 :: by brocksteady


Hey kids…one of our sites — TripKick.com — was nominated this year for a Webby. Check it out! Super useful tool for power-travelers.

Dan Funderburgh

02/12/09 :: by brocksteady




Great to see old school (Jayhawk era) friend of mine, Dan Funderburgh featured on QBN today. His work is looking ever so tight — as usual.

Image Spark

02/11/09 :: by brocksteady


Image Spark is a nice little web app that let’s you upload and create a library of images that inspire you, and also allows you to share them with the web community. It’s a fairly slick solution for a problem that pretty much every designer has: how to best organize your visual research.

Why rich media is web’s future

12/05/08 :: by moquito

Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island, is an amazing place to rent. Let’s face it - a private island in the British Virgin Islands with its year round perfect weather and cloudless skies - is hard not to be amazing. I can imagine simply taking some photos and putting them online in a simple slide show - the pictures would do all of the work.

Necker took it a step further, and created a 4 minute video giving the user a taste of what it feels like to be on the Island - starting with getting up in the morning, having breakfast, lying on the beach, arriving in a speedboat, relaxing on the beach by candlelight. I have to say that it’s one of the best produced experiences I’ve seen in a while, and makes an amazing place look heavenly.

I think 2009 will be the year that we start rethinking the best bang for the buck online. If you’re selling an experience, a solid video surrounded by a clean site is all you need to blow your competition away. Design firms should stop just thinking 2D and start producing rich media experiences whenever possible to really grab visitors. We’re already pushing rich media whenever possible, and are going to ramp up this effort next year. Until then, I’ll see you on Necker


11/06/08 :: by brocksteady

Brilliant all-Lego animated fashion show:

JCDC VS LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

Good times.

Burton + Fudge

11/03/08 :: by brocksteady

My friend Travis Millard just finished an extensive collaboration with Burton for their 2009 product line. They took a playful and bold illustrative approach to their packaging and hang tags, which contrasts well with the techy graphics. Look for some of Travis’ brilliant illustrated details on Burton’s site as well.

Hello W3 Awards!

10/17/08 :: by hdunce

Breaking news: Fluidesign won 5 silver W3 awards!

W3 winner

We won 4 silver awards for the following categories for TripKick.com:

Best Structure/Navigation

And we also won the How To/Instructional Video silver award for Coupon Chief’s Video. Yay!

If you want even more news (and some life tips as well), check this!

PhotoShop Color Solution

10/16/08 :: by pwang

I never knew about ‘convert to sRGB’ until reading this helpful walkthrough. Designers and CSS writers rejoice!

via Viget Inspire.