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11/06/08 :: by brocksteady

Brilliant all-Lego animated fashion show:

JCDC VS LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

Good times.

Speaking of the next president (and design)…

09/19/08 :: by stina

I can’t recall an election where so many young, creative people were so motivated by and interested in and excited about politics. Or at least a candidate. This isn’t an analysis without variables, mind you… our bff the internet has played a major roll in getting people fired up about a national cause. But still. Let’s look at some non-candidate sponsored items available for purchase today…

It started with the now famous Shepard Fairey illustration, which has since become sort of the unofficial logo of the campaign. (the poster is no longer available, but you can get stickers here).

And turned into this:

Look how many creative, talented people (and this is just a smattering of what’s available) are putting their skills to work to support their candidate for president. Outstanding! I mean, really, the first time that I can remember seeing people actually personally invested in an election.

A search for “obama” on Etsy yields 1486 items. That is some serious support. By contrast, a search for “mccain” only brings up around 300. And most of those are anti-Palin, not pro-McCain. Tell me this is a sign.

This also kind of negates my earlier, disgruntled post regarding the role of designers in affecting change. Eating hat. Now.

Pretty cool navigation

09/10/08 :: by monika

I really like the navigation on Red Issue. Well even the clothes, the photography and the type is kind of cool.

crafty paper flowers = welcome break from digital life

09/04/08 :: by stina

I love the computer (and especially the internet), don’t get me wrong. but I have a dear little spot in my heart for things made from (what appears to be) paper and glue and scissors. Esp when I haven’t had time away from the computer in a really long time.

Zoe Bradley apparently has the best job in the whole world that allows her to create amazing installations of flowers and paper dresses.

Sooooo cool. But her site could be more perfect… Maybe she wants us to redesign? Zoe, call us!

via design*sponge

Say it loud!

07/25/08 :: by hdunce

This is what you should wear to a bar to ward off guys.

Viktor & Rolf, autumn/winter 2008-9

K-swiss steps it up.

07/24/08 :: by hdunce

found here.

Good for the sole

07/23/08 :: by magalish

AIGA/TOMS Sole Search Design Contest winner

Who would’ve thought that a beautifully designed pair of shoes could make a difference in the world? (Actually, I’ve always felt that way personally)

This past April, AIGA Los Angeles paired with TOMS to hold a contest that involved artists drawing inspiration from their communities to create unique, wearable designs on canvas shoes. The blank shoes to begin each entry were purchased from TOMS shoes. The company matched each purchase, as they always do, by donating a pair to a child in need. The contest resulted in some very interesting and creative shoe designs.

The Difference Between Web and Print

06/27/08 :: by pwang


I don’t know much about the publication, but I really enjoy the well-designed layout and type in NewWork Magazine. The site even offers scans of the issues and neatly organized them into sleekly scrolling pages. It was disappointing to find no zooming function, since I wanted to see the fine (and probably finely kerned) type.

But then I realized even that wouldn’t solve this problem, something that has defined the web design industry. We’re limited to a screen that simply won’t allow the type of freedom a large-format paper does. To compensate, we have scrollbars and zoom. But the experience is different. I’m still looking at the composition in the browser window that’s in another frame, the operating system. Plus, I would never interact in the same unreserved way with a pricy piece of printed glossy paper as I would with a blog. I don’t have an answer or a solution, but I’m sure that just as much as web has impacted print, print will do the same to the web. After all, there is such a variety of great print design. It probably also relates to the medium itself, the web is still young compared to print. I’m confident web design will one day be more original than print design, partially because I like working under constraints, including large format.

I wanna be a beat (this is a hint to UniQlo)

04/21/08 :: by hdunce

If there were a competition between online vrs traditional shopping experiences and sites like this were competing, the online world would win.

Here’s another one to add to demanda’s list, “if this is the future of all online shopping, then I’m gonna go broke.”

So the deal is, each person is wearing a t-shirt, does a little sound and dance, which represents a beat in a sound loop. You can explore the loops or make your own. Very niizzee.

Here’s a couple screen captures…





Try it On

04/18/08 :: by demanda


I ran across this retail fashion site for Holden Outerwear the other day and was intrigued by their video display of apparel. Being an avid online shopper, I thought I had seen it all…until I was instantly transported to a dressing room with a man, watching him try on different beanie caps. I felt that he could somehow see me. Then I kicked it with a girl in the park wearing hip denim pants. After we had a cigarette together, I wanted to purchase the pants she so casually sported. And maybe be her for a day.

If this is the future of all online shopping, then I’m gonna go broke.