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I am currently 1 of 8…

12/04/08 :: by stina

people in the country with my name. I know this because this neat website told me so.

HOWEVER, if I change my name to my shiny new married name, I will be the only one. In the whole country. Probably the whole world.

SHOULD I DO IT??? It requires a lot of paperwork…

Visualizing 700 billion

09/25/08 :: by brocksteady

Justin Jackson — of one of my staple science podcasts “This Week in Science” — provided a few eye opening ways to visualize exactly how big a number 700,000,000,000 really is.

The 700 billion dollar corporate donation given out by our very generous federal government is, scientifically speaking, approximately equivalent to…

191 dollars for every mile between the Sun and planet formerly known as Pluto.

155 dollars for every year the planet earth has existed.

140 dollars for every year the sun is expected to continue shining.

More than 2 dollars for every star in the milky way galaxy.

2300 dollars for every American alive, regardless of age.

100 dollars for every human being alive anywhere on the planet today.

7 dollars for every human being that has ever lived on the planet at any time ever in the history of homo sapiens.

More than 2 dollars for every penny that has ever been minted by the US treasury.

7 pennies for every cell in the average human body.

If carefully stacked in pennies, the pennies would reach a height of 69 million miles, which would be enough reach the planet mars and continue for another 21 million miles into space. In the other direction the stack would pass both inner planets and reach more than two thirds of the distance to the sun.

Justin’s excellent examples also reminded me of an episode of Science Friday earlier this year with David M. Schwartz who brilliantly provided ways to visualize the number one trillion (1,000,000,000,000). Good times.

Best. Remix. Ever.

09/17/08 :: by brocksteady



09/03/08 :: by magalish

Have you ever thought you’d found the perfect parking spot, only to realize you won’t fit because of some asshole parked next to it? Of course you have—we’ve all been there. Well, now you can give the driver a piece of your mind.

This fun little website lets you print notices that can be customized fit the situation by choosing from a list of common parking offenses. But the journey doesn’t end there—when offenders receive a notice, they can visit the site and get some useful tips, complete with nifty diagrams, to help them park less like assholes in the future!

Watch the Road

09/02/08 :: by Patrick

The Watch the Road campaign is meant to promote safe driving on the streets of Los Angeles. However, it nearly did the exact opposite for me as I looked up to read the sign while barreling down Fairfax on the way to the Grove to meet friends. Seems I didn’t notice traffic had inexplicably and abruptly come to a grinding halt.

I would have taken a photo, but a) I was a tad distracted and b) as you no doubt are aware, using cell phones while driving is now frowned upon in Los Angeles. So far as I can tell, I am still allowed to eat and read while driving, so I am going to be sure to continue exercising my rights as a motorist.

How design can save democracy

08/25/08 :: by brocksteady

How design can save democracy is an excellent (yet still flawed in my opinion) demonstration of better ballot design created for the New York Times by AIGA’s Ric Grefé and Jessica Friedman Hewitt.

It’s amazing that after encountering countless issues with voting ballots, even the most basic design fundamentals (like oh, say “clear page design”) still aren’t in the vocabulary of our government officials. The US is full of communication experts and graphic designers who would be more than happy to resolve the problem, yet no one seems able to cut through the politics to address this as a non-partisan design issue.

Somehow, clear communication was addressed for nutrition labels, so why not ballots? It’s not rocket science.

Brand Recognition?

08/25/08 :: by Patrick

Foxworthy's Finest

While vacationing last week, I ran across this culinary oddity while shopping at a vegetable stand somewhere along California’s central coast. Foxworthy, a noted hunting enthusiast, has apparently branched out from agonizingly quipping game show host and comedian to full fledged meat purveyor.

Alas, I did not purchase the otherworldly meat; I just wasn’t in the mood for jerky right then. I sure could go for some now though…

the olympic torch… and it’s varied glory

08/15/08 :: by stina

Now I may be in the minority here, but I have always assumed they used the same torch for every Olympics. It kind of makes sense, right? Like the treasured heirloom that ties the games together? Kay, so, no. I was wrong. (For more on childhood delusions proved wrong mid-life, see this EXCELLENT episode of This American Life. Seriously, mine could have been worse.)

Anyway, as it turns out, a new torch IS in fact created for each games. And they are super neat and often match the logo. I do love a good line up of similar but varied items.

The NY Times has created a nifty little game where in you can see many torches with their corresponding logos. Check it.

It’s not about the website

08/13/08 :: by demanda

Here’s an interesting article on leading creative discovery meetings with clients..

silver screen

07/31/08 :: by demanda

Fluid is making its debut on the big screen, with its (April ‘07) logo redesign for QED, an independent film company representing theatrical motion picture projects for sales and distribution. They are the big bucks behind the new controversial film, “W”, about George W. Bush, directed by Oliver Stone.

While QED ended up going with a slightly botoxed version of their previous mark in the end, we were still glad we got to help inject it. Here is the trailer for the film.