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Old vs New or Good vs Evil or Communication vs Pollution… etc…

07/31/08 :: by admin

The video title is “why america is fucked”. I don’t geographically agree because the issue is not only american, alas. In France (for example), I can’t stand those ads using Comic Sans. No, really. The solution is obviously not to use Helvetica of course (btw, watch the movie), but please think about the future vintage !! Will we have to send a terminator to erase Vincent Connare’s mother ?

Numeric Arts gives Life to Painting

05/19/08 :: by Cédric

Even if I’m a developer, I like art. Particularly Pop Art, Surrealism, and impossible structure from M. C. Escher.

These paintings are great. But for us, living behind a computer screen, we’d like to see animation and arts in many different ways.

This morning I discovered 3 videos that I’d like to share with you.

First, a 3D exploration of Guernica, Picasso’s painting:

Then, a short film animating a character from Guernica in other artists’ paintings:

Finally, maybe not the most artistic but the funniest:

I like to see these types of videos where old art takes life on screen.

Apple, Google, and other company’s product

03/10/08 :: by Cédric

Apple, Google, and other company’s product

via Stuff That Happens

Interface Survey

11/29/07 :: by Cédric

Take some seconds to answer 10 questions about your prefered interface.

Then you can see the answer.

The 50-50 answer for this question is weird…

Interface Survey Submit

My first thouht is because the change between Windows and Linux/Mac in the confirmation box.

E-Commerce: How to well compare wedding dress?

11/28/07 :: by Cédric

The solution is easy: Use small video for each products.

We can see a great exemple here:


It’s very interessant but maybe cost very much to realize all the video.

Then when you see the product page, you can see the video in a bigger size.

50 Flash Video Players Design

11/26/07 :: by Cédric

No text, No comments, just screenshots.


BalanceBall Chair

04/18/07 :: by hdunce

Many of us spend hours sitting at our computer each day, which often elevates fatigue and poor posture. The uniquely-shapped Gaiam BalanceBall Chair ($80) works as a shock absorber by taking pressure off the spine and relieving muscle tension and promoting good posture. By removing the ball you can perform simple exercises to help tone and strengthen back muscles without ever going near the gym.