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Amperwhat ? Esperluquoi ?

08/08/08 :: by admin

The Ampersand, Esperluette in french, aka “&“, is the main character of this blog.

Btw, it leads to some good links, like this one for example.

i’d like to know

10/15/07 :: by hdunce

hey cedric/pj-

can you aggregate some data and post it on the side column of our blog?

show -
most active poster
most active commenter
most lame person (person who has the least amount of posts/comments)

Thanks! Heather

Blog Action Day

08/16/07 :: by brocksteady


On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to pretend they care about the environment!

Blog Action Day is about MASS participation.

Embed HTML fixed

05/25/07 :: by admin

You can now paste in HTML embeds as you were doing before. There is a new permission setting in WordPress that I was not familiar with that limits the ability of authors to paste in HTML code for security reasons.

Now you can go back to cut and paste madness.

Feature / Plugin Requests

04/20/07 :: by brocksteady

Hey all

If anyone has any suggestions for features / plugins that they would like to see on our blog, let me know I will do my best to implement them. I know Heather already put in the word for tags, so that is on the horizon. If there are any other ideas, I am all ears.

Your friendly neighborhood admin…

WordPress Plugins

04/10/07 :: by hdunce

I think we should do #’s 5, 6, and 12 for sure.