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500 Million reasons to check out our new iPhone Division

01/17/09 :: by moquito

App Store

Apple recently surpassed an incredible milestone - 500 Million (yes - million) apps have now been downloaded since the launch of the App store July 10, 2008. That’s over 2 MILLION apps per DAY since launch. And there are now 15,000 Apps available. The image above is from Apple.com.

This is starting to look like a crowded market. But, as late comers such as Tweetie and iFart show, it’s not about when you launch, it’s about the quality of the App. We’ve spent the last few months preparing, and we can build literally anything - from a simple, local App to a full fledged game.

Have a burning iPhone idea? We can tell you if it’s technically possible, and can generally predict whether it will sail through Apple’s approval process. We’ll also use our 10 years of business and interactive experience in helping you perfect your business model.

Check out http://iphone.fluidesign.com. Contact us today.

Happy Holidays! Now here’s a present.

12/24/08 :: by moquito

Happy Holidays from all of us at Fluidesign!

We’re announcing our new iPhone division and giving you 5% off now through January 31, 2009. If you refer someone to us during that time, we’ll give you a finders fee on top of it. Your very own iPhone app - our present to you.