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08/04/08 :: by Patrick

Jeffrey Zeldman said it best, “Wireframing AJAX is a bitch.”

Quite frankly, I would boil that down a bit further and simply say wireframing is a bitch. That was until recently, when I began playing around with a sweet-as-saccharin web app called Jumpchart. Imagine the irony as you use a slick web app stuffed to the gills with Ajax functionality to create blissfully simple wireframes!

I’ve created an account for myself, and needless to say I have been impressed. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to replace whatever methods you are currently using (you are wireframing, aren’t you?), but it’s pretty darn handy to be able to export to XHTML and CSS files once your done. I particular like Jumpchart because I can immediately work in HTML, where I feel most comfortable, and create things that visually make sense to me right off the bat. Considering I can barely recall how to make use of a pen or pencil, this is a major advantage to me.

Enough blather - go watch the demos, or better yet, mess about with it and tell me what you think.

nyroModal jQuery Plugin

04/13/08 :: by Cédric

Because Fluidesign it’s not only about design…

In current projects we working on, we’re using more and more modal windows to show data or login form.


But I experienced many problems regarding the customization and the debugging.

That’s why I developed a jQuery Plugin which provide many callbacks and the ability to redefine every animation functions.

Everything is documented and you can start use it in your own project.

Don’t wait, check it out and let your feedback here.

More microblogging for me!

02/21/08 :: by hdunce


I agree with Imran Zaidi, “producing content should be an active process and assembling an audience should be effortless” and “pull the blogger down from the stage and into the crowd. When you flatten the relationship between posts and comments, commenters become publishers in their own right, and content becomes less lonely” and “design isn’t everything, but it’s pretty close”

Imran launced streem which was posted on mashable today. Love the conversation format. Wondering if I signed up? I did.

P.S. I really like “Universe”. Netvibes is using that term now too.

New NASA Website: Thanks to Ajax

12/03/07 :: by Cédric

NASA relaesed their new website:


It use Prototype for all the Ajax/Javascript stuff.

Take a look on the menu, the image gallery or the subnav here

Great AJAX Interface

11/29/07 :: by moquito

Check out www.snooth.com. do a search. I love the AJAX interface - this is the kind of smoothness and slickness I want us to achieve with all of our sites.

Sign in Modal Window

11/14/07 :: by hdunce

Look at this version! Me gusta mucho! Site is cool too!


rollovers on my new fav social network

10/31/07 :: by hdunce

guess what everyone, if you haven’t heard, i have a new favorite social network. this is the first event site that i think is great, totally successful, and attracting the right kind of people. be sure to check out the thumbnail rollovers!! maybe we should go back and change the way LK’s rollover’s are revealed…


Check out experience

07/10/07 :: by hdunce

go to incase and review their check out process. it is all in ajax and it is SO FUCKING easy to use. i think we should do something like this for LK.


Yahoo’s Pledge

05/15/07 :: by hdunce


Yahoo came out with green.yahoo.com yesterday. It is really cool. I like how it puts my pledge to be green in prospective and sets a worldwide goal.

Pj- i can’t figure out how to get this badge in here. Maybe when you have a minute you can help. For everyone else, check out the widget.