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our new identity: expression replaces consumption?

06/24/09 :: by demanda


Good Magazine recently published a quite interesting article on how social networking is changing the way we identify ourselves, leading to a behavioral shift. For the last hundred years, we’ve distinguished ourselves by our car, clothes and houses. Now we’d rather spend our time expressing our ideas, opinions, the causes we support and showing photos of our life, instead of tending to the lawn. Read more and join the conversation..

the cost for exciting print work

06/18/09 :: by demanda


Ever seen a really cool business card and wondered, “How’d they make this? And how much do these things cost?” FPO - For Print Only (a division of Under Consideration) is a handy website showcasing gorgeous print work, who printed it, what processes/fonts/paper were used and how much it all cost…right at your fingertips.

Cramster.com has passed the exam with an A+

09/25/08 :: by demanda

Fluidesign’s latest client project to make its appearance on the world wide web is Cramster.com, an online study community for students. The site functions like a study group, where users can ask questions about their homework problems, share notes and review practice exams, among other features. There is also a Facebook app where students can share textbooks and find peers to study with. The site has a plethora of users; not only students but educators, subject enthusiasts and parents.

The new site design is getting some A+ reviews and the company has just secured funding of $3 million. (We’d love to say the new design helped! *wink).

We evolved their existing logo, keeping the recognizable “A+”mark, but transformed it into a cleaner, more student-friendly logo.

We organized their website, made it clear and easy to use, and gave them a fresh color scheme to appeal to students. We also designed some cute little icons to signify the user types. Here they are for a better look:

We were excited to be a part of this project, and are interested to see how this company will do in the coming months! Go Cramster!

need a refresher?

09/10/08 :: by demanda

Getty Images released a mashup this summer called Moodstream, which is designed as a visual brainstorming tool to take users in unexpected, inspiring directions. Moodstream adjusts its visual and audio output based on settings the user sets up. Feeling calm? Set the sliders to see imagery/video and hear music that reflects a peaceful state of mind. Users can also create and save a moodboard to refer back to when beginning a project. schnazzy!

do not disturb

08/20/08 :: by demanda

who says you can’t be inspired by door hangers?

It’s not about the website

08/13/08 :: by demanda

Here’s an interesting article on leading creative discovery meetings with clients..

ill illustration

08/07/08 :: by demanda

The use of illustration is usually pretty prevalent in print design. As a trained print designer-turned-interactive-designer, I’ve noted that sometimes heavy illustration is not as predominant in websites as it is in print. I know, I know…the load times are a tinsy bit longer and illustration adds cost to an already expensive web project…but what joy, emotion and clarity of communication it adds to a site! Here are some of my favorite illustrators, resources and sites incorporating illustration in a unique way. Illustration Mundo, Camilla Engman, Lisa Congdon, Amy Jean Porter, Samuel Bismes, and yes, my very own brother, A.J. Halbrook

silver screen

07/31/08 :: by demanda

Fluid is making its debut on the big screen, with its (April ‘07) logo redesign for QED, an independent film company representing theatrical motion picture projects for sales and distribution. They are the big bucks behind the new controversial film, “W”, about George W. Bush, directed by Oliver Stone.

While QED ended up going with a slightly botoxed version of their previous mark in the end, we were still glad we got to help inject it. Here is the trailer for the film.

I feel you on that

07/23/08 :: by demanda

Are Australians truly happier than Americans? Do women really feel fat more often than men? Visit We Feel Fine to peer into the emotions of your distant and not-so-distant neighbors. This site harvests feelings from weblogs all over the world. It scours entries for phrases that have the words “I feel” and “I am feeling” and can map how the world feels on a particular day, hour or minute. fascinating.

if fonts were people…

07/22/08 :: by demanda

But why didn’t the ol’ 90’s bold standby, Impact, come to the rescue?