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Use Social Media to market for free

02/16/09 :: by moquito

During this recession it’s more important than ever to get whatever you can for free. At Fluidesign, we have recently started offering a service called Online Reputation Management. We become your company’s eyes and ears online, monitoring all social media channels for chatter – good or bad – about your brand. We then proactively address issues and give you a bird’s eye view of customer sentiment. We also create an online presence for you to use when blasting our product announcements and press releases.

But, if you can’t afford an agency like Fluidesign, here’s a do-it-yourself guide to manage your brand and get free marketing through social media.

1. Get online identities. This may sound obvious, but I’m constantly amazed at how many companies aren’t yet embracing social media. Sign up for Twitter. Get a Facebook Group going. Create a company page on LinkedIn. Depending on your industry, get a MySpace page. There are also countless industry-specific online identities.

2. Create a blog. Wordpress is quick, easy, and free (we can help you with customization if necessary). Publish content often (quality over quantity, however) to gain an audience.

3. Link the identities together. Install the Twitter App on Facebook so updating your Twitter status automatically updates your Facebook one.

4. Encourage key employees to set up their own Twitter accounts and link them to their own Facebook statuses.

5. Sign up for Twitterfeed and link your blog(s) to it. Encourage key employees to do the same. Then, when anyone posts a new blog entry, this service automatically updates the associated Twitter accounts, and if the Twitter accounts are linked to Facebook, those Facebook statuses get updated automatically. Done right, your message gets blasted to thousands (or tens of thousands) instantly.

6. Use Twitter’s search to routinely monitor what people are saying about your company and your products/services.

7. Be responsive – if your customers/fans take the time to write something about your brand, take the time to respond. The more responsive you are – even with negative issues – the higher your company’s reputation will be. Studies show that when customers have a problem if they get a response from the company quickly they actually become more satisfied with the brand than if they had never had an issue to begin with.

The above tips represent a crash course in online reputation management and using social media to blast out blog posts, press releases, product announcements, and really anything your company has to say. Remember, in order to stay relevant, you need to push content out often, and respond quickly to what others are talking about. Do it right, and your social media presence will quickly become more relevant with greater ROI than anything offline.

Nintendo Wii, Love Sac, Bar and Ocean View

01/26/09 :: by moquito


EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) just released an episode of EOtv featuring tips to survive and thrive in the recession. Fast forward to about the five minute mark to see mine - they involve a Nintendo Wii, Love Sac, Bar, and Ocean View.

500 Million reasons to check out our new iPhone Division

01/17/09 :: by moquito

App Store

Apple recently surpassed an incredible milestone - 500 Million (yes - million) apps have now been downloaded since the launch of the App store July 10, 2008. That’s over 2 MILLION apps per DAY since launch. And there are now 15,000 Apps available. The image above is from Apple.com.

This is starting to look like a crowded market. But, as late comers such as Tweetie and iFart show, it’s not about when you launch, it’s about the quality of the App. We’ve spent the last few months preparing, and we can build literally anything - from a simple, local App to a full fledged game.

Have a burning iPhone idea? We can tell you if it’s technically possible, and can generally predict whether it will sail through Apple’s approval process. We’ll also use our 10 years of business and interactive experience in helping you perfect your business model.

Check out http://iphone.fluidesign.com. Contact us today.

Happy Holidays! Now here’s a present.

12/24/08 :: by moquito

Happy Holidays from all of us at Fluidesign!

We’re announcing our new iPhone division and giving you 5% off now through January 31, 2009. If you refer someone to us during that time, we’ll give you a finders fee on top of it. Your very own iPhone app - our present to you.


Why rich media is web’s future

12/05/08 :: by moquito

Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island, is an amazing place to rent. Let’s face it - a private island in the British Virgin Islands with its year round perfect weather and cloudless skies - is hard not to be amazing. I can imagine simply taking some photos and putting them online in a simple slide show - the pictures would do all of the work.

Necker took it a step further, and created a 4 minute video giving the user a taste of what it feels like to be on the Island - starting with getting up in the morning, having breakfast, lying on the beach, arriving in a speedboat, relaxing on the beach by candlelight. I have to say that it’s one of the best produced experiences I’ve seen in a while, and makes an amazing place look heavenly.

I think 2009 will be the year that we start rethinking the best bang for the buck online. If you’re selling an experience, a solid video surrounded by a clean site is all you need to blow your competition away. Design firms should stop just thinking 2D and start producing rich media experiences whenever possible to really grab visitors. We’re already pushing rich media whenever possible, and are going to ramp up this effort next year. Until then, I’ll see you on Necker

Why you should be increasing your marketing budget

11/25/08 :: by moquito

With no limit to the bad economic news lately, many companies are cutting back on their marketing budgets to conserve precious cash. The LinkedIn poll above says it all - 60% of companies are cutting back, and only 20% are increasing.

I understand the thinking: Consumers with less disposable income = less opportunity for my product/service = less return on investment of marketing dollars = cutting marketing budget. This thinking, while logical, is thinking on how not to lose - not thinking on how to win.

Now is the BEST time to increase your marketing budget.

1. All of your competitors are competitors are cutting back - so you can be even more potent with less money, sucking up remnant inventory online, radio, print, and TV.

2. Advertising and marketing firms are more flexible right now (including Fluidesign), so you can get a great deal on services that you couldn’t get in “normal” times.

3. You’ll stand out in consumer’s minds as a stable, strong company. If you can afford to market to them right now, you must be.

4. With the ROI of each dollar you spend much higher, you’ll position your company and its products/services to weather the storm and emerge in a much stronger position that your scared competitors.

Right now, most companies are playing to not lose. The best companies (and the ones that will survive) will increase their marketing budget, and play to win.

Reprinted from: http://www.michaelschneider.com/2008/11/25/why-you-should-be-increasing-your-marketing-budget/

Fluid is hiring a sales manager!

11/13/08 :: by moquito

We’re looking for a passionate, talented sales manager. Check out the link below!


DataCase - most useful iPhone app I’ve seen

08/13/08 :: by moquito

Today, an app came out called DataCase that basically makes your iPhone, in effect, a USB key. You can drag and drop files from your Mac or PC to DataCase, which stores the files on your iPhone (all done wirelessly over WiFi). I now keep a copy of my most useful files on my phone, ready to be used wherever I am. TechCrunch posted a detailed review here.

Most iPhone apps have shown to be, well, boring and/or useless. For $6.99, this is an example of a great app that actually saves time. Now, if my iPhone could only recharge itself wirelessly…

Flash becoming more SEO friendly

07/01/08 :: by moquito

As announced today by TechCrunch, Flash files can now be partially indexed by the search engines. While this doesn’t mean that your all Flash site will rank the same as an all HTML equivalent, it is a huge step forward in reducing the most painful part of using Flash. Perhaps we’ll think twice now before simply denouncing Flash for our clients that also want top SEO rankings.

What’s the value of a social network?

06/24/08 :: by moquito

Everyday, we get approached by a new party that wants to develop a social network. Mainly, this is driven by the (somewhat insane) valuations that have been placed on big names, such as Facebook’s recent $15B valuation (that’s B for Billion).

TechCrunch did an interesting analysis today (below) of social networks and their valuation. It clearly shows a huge discrepancy depending on how various social networks were valued. For example, Myspace, the #1 in the US and #2 worldwide (after Facebook passed them in May) is worth anywhere between $3B and $19B.

Social Network Comparison

So what does all this mean? It means that this industry is still very new and still trying to figure itself out. It also means that whatever the exact calculation, social networks that gain traction have a tremendous potential and value!