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Pretty cool navigation

09/10/08 :: by monika

I really like the navigation on Red Issue. Well even the clothes, the photography and the type is kind of cool.

Hello Sour Sally!

09/10/08 :: by monika

It’s just sooo cute… You’ll love Sally

Design Police is watching you

08/28/08 :: by monika

Bring bad design to justice! Be a part of Design Police

awesome exhibition

08/04/08 :: by monika

I’ve been there on Saturday and I really enjoyed it. Check it out…

This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in L.A. Photographs
June 14, 2008 – Sept. 15, 2008
Library West Hall and Boone Gallery

“Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles does not defy description so much as provoke it. Literary representations of an “earthly paradise,” a “city of dreadful joy” and, more recently, a “city of quartz” are among the best known in a seemingly endless stream of identifiers. Over the past 150 years, potent relationships between glamour and catastrophe, sunshine and noir, have fascinated photographers trying to explain an elusive Los Angeles…” more information