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Hello W3 Awards!

10/17/08 :: by hdunce

Breaking news: Fluidesign won 5 silver W3 awards!

W3 winner

We won 4 silver awards for the following categories for TripKick.com:

Best Structure/Navigation

And we also won the How To/Instructional Video silver award for Coupon Chief’s Video. Yay!

If you want even more news (and some life tips as well), check this!

Info-graphics can make you smarter faster

09/03/08 :: by hdunce

Another “I wish I had this when I was young”

Ok, so it’s official.

08/13/08 :: by hdunce

It’s a trend.

This is 85+ recorded covers of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

“Mapped in relation to the original recordings by the band. Although available information was limited, the graph is data rich in representing time since original recording, recording artist, release name/date and label…”

Music fans, do you like?

Future of music merchandising?

08/09/08 :: by hdunce

Jez Burrows says, “I transcribed the entire album and produced an exhaustive collection of diagrams and analysis, including: every word contained in the album in order of how many times it appears; references; grammatical structure; and the overall distribution of lyrics and ‘la’s.”

Something like this gives fans a visual summary of the artist and the album. More on how the visibility of music is changing here.

‘member Homestar Runner?

08/07/08 :: by hdunce

I do. I was living in Koreatown with a photographer at the time…Homestar Runner, pencil skirts, and hoop earrings…

I see the above turning into a VH1 “where are they (meme makers) now”?

No web on Wednesdays?

08/02/08 :: by hdunce

Frank Chimero’s project.

Funny, smart, and good looking- that’s all I want!

08/02/08 :: by hdunce

Polls! Info-Graphics! Pretty! Funny! Be sure to click the link to see the full-size.

ffffound here.

Do you have a question?

07/31/08 :: by hdunce

Allis, thanks for your post. And to add to that, if you’re out there and have any questions about design, programming, marketing, or anything related, shoot us an email and we’d be more than happy to respond.

This pretty much sums it up!

07/30/08 :: by hdunce

more here!

Keep it together now…

07/29/08 :: by hdunce

Newsbreak: Collective organization of Flickr photos relating to the Earthquake in Los Angeles can be found here.