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sloooooow motiooooon

08/11/08 :: by admin

Subway trains are, since the beginning of graffiti, the most popular way to make your artwork travel. Slinkachu just found a new way to make his graffiti live its own life.

Go Metro Yeaah ! Go Snail !!

Amperwhat ? Esperluquoi ?

08/08/08 :: by admin

The Ampersand, Esperluette in french, aka “&“, is the main character of this blog.

Btw, it leads to some good links, like this one for example.

type + flash = typeflash

08/01/08 :: by admin

and yes, this is also another welcome distraction from working

Old vs New or Good vs Evil or Communication vs Pollution… etc…

07/31/08 :: by admin

The video title is “why america is fucked”. I don’t geographically agree because the issue is not only american, alas. In France (for example), I can’t stand those ads using Comic Sans. No, really. The solution is obviously not to use Helvetica of course (btw, watch the movie), but please think about the future vintage !! Will we have to send a terminator to erase Vincent Connare’s mother ?

Looking to the Past #2

07/30/08 :: by admin

Yes Maggie, the past had some good points. Especially with now’s point of view !

Also seen on Flickr, a Graphis collection from 1965.

If this has just open your appetite, check all Insect54’s photostream.

Japanese Problem Solving

07/30/08 :: by admin

I think it could be said that everyone enjoys the challenge of solving a difficult problem. The euphoria that we get when we can shake our fists in the air and say, “Ha! Thought you could fool me?” brings me great happiness. And when it comes to challenges, I think the Japanese really know how test the limits of problem solving with their wacky game shows (such as human tetris - see video below). Beyond the entertainment value, I think these game shows are really good examples of thinking outside of the box in order to meet goals.

When you look at a situation for face value without thinking of other ways to approach them, you’re more likely to run into obstacles and possibly even fail. However, if you consider your options and investigate the most efficient and easiest path to take…that might not necessarily be the most obvious, you can achieve success. In the end, sometimes it just easier to duck down instead of doing the splits.

Medals and more

07/29/08 :: by admin

Siggi Eggertsson, from Iceland living in London.

Big Ideas (don’t get any)

07/28/08 :: by admin

Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

I rediscovered (even if it’s not that old) this impressive video, made by James Houston.

Beautiful Losers movie

07/28/08 :: by admin

Beautiful Losers film trailer
from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

This is just the trailer and I didn’t see the movie yet… but I’m quite sure it must be obviously interesting.

Especially after I’ve seen their exhibition 2 years ago in the north of France and after I’ve seen Geoff McFetridge exhibition at the Red Cat a few months ago.


07/24/08 :: by admin

no comment…